[2/2/07 12:40 AM PST] There is a version of FQM for Space Empires 5 in the works. Check it out here.

[8/12/05 10:00 AM PST] The first release of FQM Deluxe 2.10 and FQM Standard 1.23 included an error involving many warp points having an ability label that they should not have. This has been fixed. If you downloaded FQM Deluxe 2.10 before this date, you can simply apply this Deluxe WP Fix to your current installation. If you downloaded FQM Standard 1.23 before this date, you can simply apply this Standard WP Fix to your current installation. There is no need to redownload the entire mod again.

[7/26/05 3:00 PM PST] The aforementioned long overdue update is now ready for download. FQM Deluxe has been updated to version 2.10 and FQM Standard has been updated to version 1.23. The updates contain several bug fixes and more No Ast Belt quadrant types. The Deluxe update features a massive reorganization of SectType.txt, new planet descriptions for some planets courtesy of Loser, and the restoration of balance between the planet types and atmospheres. You can download the upates from this site. The FQM Deluxe 2.10 update will break all savegames. Do not attempt to use savegames or maps from previous versions of FQM Deluxe in 2.10.

[3/2/05 4:00 PM PST] A long-overdue update for FQM is currently being worked on. You can follow this thread for progress reports. Currently, some information on the new balance of planet types and atmospheres is available.

[2/17/05 2:40 PM PST] An issue tracking page has been added to the site. This page will keep track of all known issues and problems with the current release of FQM. You can access it via the navigation panel to the right.

[2/06/05 10:00 AM PST] Somehow, the number of systems entry for the Sparse Maze quadrant became a 1 instead of the proper 117 in the latest version of Fyron's Quadrant Mod. To correct this, you can go into the FyronsQuadrantMod\Data or FyronsQuadrantModDeluxe\Data folder (depending on whether you wish to fix Data or Standard) and open QuadrantTypes.txt. Search for the "Sparse Maze" entry. Change this line:

Number of System Types := 1
to read:
Number of System Types := 117

This will _NOT_ affect multiplayer savegame compatibility in any way. You will still be able to play any PBW/PBEM games you are in or join in the future that use FQM.