This mod makes alterations to the system types in SEIV. It adds many more moons in orbit of planets, and many of these moons will have random atmospheres. Also, solar systems now generally have an asteroid belt in them, which is more realistic.

To use the new systems, simply create a quadrant. The basic quadrants are also included for convenience. They are labeled as "Classic" quadrants.

The files modified in the Standard version of the mod are only used when the map or savegame is created. So, the game host of a PBEM or PBW game could create a map using it, and the players would not have to have the mod installed.

The files modified in the Deluxe version of the mod are used whenever a game created with it is loaded, just like a normal mod. So, all players playing a game using FQM Deluxe must have and use FQM Deluxe to play the game.

The Deluxe version of the mod requires the Image Mod to be downloaded and installed to work properly. Only the Planet Pack is required for FQM Deluxe.

See the help documentation (for FQM Standard).

If you wish to combine FQM with another mod, there are some useful instructions available. The instructions are for TDM mod, but they can work for any other mod too. Just replace TDM with the name of whatever mod you want. Select one of the following links, depending on whether you want to combine FQM Standard or FQM Deluxe:
      Combining TDM+FQM Standard (for FQM Standard).
      Combining TDM+FQM Deluxe (for FQM Deluxe).