There are several options available for downloading FQM.

FQM Deluxe Full can be downloaded as a multi-part RAR archive here.

You can download the mod via the SE4 Bit Torrent Tracker. This bandwidth-saving method is prefered.

Finally, you can download the mod explicitly from this website:

Current Versions
File Version Size Release Date
Standard Mod v1.23 1.2 MB July 26, 2005
Deluxe Mod Patch v2.10 845.5 KB July 26, 2005
Deluxe Mod Full v2.10 25.2 MB July 26, 2005
Deluxe Mod JPEG* v2.10 7.3 MB July 26, 2005

*This is a smaller version in which the huge system graphics have been converted to jpeg format. You will need to convert them back to bmp format for them to work in-game. Check the ReadFirst.txt file for the locations of these files.


Text Files
File Version Size
Standard Mod Readme.txt v1.23 5 KB
Deluxe Mod Readme.txt v2.10 5.3 KB
History.txt v2.10/1.21 14.8 KB