Combining TDM and FQM Standard Mods

1) Install both TDM and FQM Standard to your SE4 folder, as normal. If you installed SE4 into the default installation folder, it should be in:
      C:\Program Files\Malfador Machinations\Space Empire IV Gold\

2) Create a new mod folder under the SE4 folder. Name it something like "TDM + FQM Standard".

3) Copy everything from the TDM folder into the "TDM + FQM Standard" folder. Make sure to keep all of the same folder structure intact.

4) Browse to the FQM Standard folder. Copy the following files:

5) Browse to the "TDM + FQM Standard" folder. Go into the Data folder under this folder.

6) Paste the files previously copied in step 4 into the Data folder. Make sure to select "overwrite files".

7) You can optionally copy the following files from FQM Standard to the "TDM + FQM Standard" data folder. They are not necessary for the mod to function, but they do add some nice eye candy. Copy them over in the same manner as steps 4-6. The files are:

Now, you should be ready to go! Enjoy your new gaming experience.